Homework Club is available and ideal for all students from 1st to 12th Grade. The best way to describe this program would be to describe it as a gym membership for the brain! During these hours, students can drop in at anytime they desire for as long as they need. Our personal trainers (tutors) will provide assistance to students as they strengthen their cognitive skills by working through homework, studying for exams, nurturing their creative minds, or learning lessons in advance of classes. The flexibility of the program is the greatest feature for most students and parents. We cater the program to each individual, providing one-on-one instruction periodically to teach the students while allowing them to practice and understand the skills/material in between. 

We do our best to keep the student to tutor ratio at a maximum of 5 to 1. In addition to this, students and tutors will be able to build a strong relationship as the rotation of tutors is kept at a minimum. This allows tutors to learn students habits and weaknesses to effectively assist the students. 

Homework Club highlights: 

  • helps students to complete assignments

  • study for upcoming tests and quizzes

  • advance in reading and writing

  • advance in math

  • learn essential study skills

  • learn material ahead of class to gain confidence

  • 1-on-1 tutoring periodically

  • low student to tutor ratio (5:1)

  • flexible scheduling

  • build strong study skills