Ace It Test Prep and Tutoring provides exceptional academic tutoring and test preparation for students seeking to attain the highest academic scores. Our organization strives to help students learn and achieve their fullest potential by providing various methods of learning.

Our Mission

Ace It's mission is to teach students to be self-sufficient by providing them with the necessary study skills. Our flexible tutoring programs provide the support students need for academic success. We believe in the idea that it's not the amount of time students spend studying, but how they study that determines their success.



Ace It Test Prep and Tutoring functions on the fundamental belief that all students have an inner capability to achieve their full potential given the right mentality and direction. As a result, our tutors are trained to not only teach the students the subject material, but also to show the students how to learn and become successful students independently. We firmly believe that students can learn on their own, given the right knowledge of how to take notes, how to take exams, and how to achieve their desired goals. Ace It Test Prep and Tutoring provides numerous strategies of learning from emphasizing a student’s visual to audio learning capabilities. We understand that a student will gain more from learning how to succeed rather than having a tutor spoon feed the material to the child. As such, our tutors first teach the material to the child in order to build confidence within the child, and then our tutors proceed to teach the student the necessary study skills to succeed in future classes.

Our organization was founded by two former tutors who have had experience with an eclectic variety of students. They have taken their knowledge of the various strategies of tutoring to devise an effective way of approaching each student. Students are paired with a tutor on a compatibility basis that will increase the chemistry of learning. At Ace It Test Prep and Tutoring, we understand that students look up to their tutors as mentors, and accordingly, we only hire tutors that are deemed as exceptional role models who are interested in their students’ learning and success.