Ace it is an exceptional tutoring center. The tutors are very friendly and are always helpful, especially with math. No doubt that this is the best tutoring center in the valley, would recommend 100%
                                     - Cameron H. (Homework Club/SAT)

I was surprised, the SAT was changed from something that was extremely difficult to as easy as every day homework. I am grateful for finding this resource and highly recommend it for others.
                                    - Suyi O. (SAT)

After years of search for a perfect tutor, I was so glad to have found Ace It. Ace It provides a comfortable and efficient learning environment in which test taking strategies are exploited, as their tutors focus on raising students self confidence. I truly believe that success is 80% confidence. 
It is to no surprise that I was able to reach an 800 (perfect score) on my SAT Math 2 subject test and a 34 on my ACT. 
With a very impressive philosophy, a comfortable learning environment, and extremely reasonable prices I would recommend Ace It to anyone!!
                                   - Ian P (SAT/ACT)

It has been almost a full school year since my daughter has been taking advantage of both the individual lessons, as well as the Homework Club. The results have been spectacular. My daughter transformed from a struggling student who was failing 6th grade Math, to a member of her schools Honor Society. The best part of the program is the positive effect it has had on our household. My wife and I have regained our relationship with our daughter, and the nightly bickering has disappeared! Well, almost disappeared-now if Tam could teach her what appropriate school attire looks like, it would be perfect.
                               - Poly G. (Homework Club)

Ace It is a superb environment for academic excellence, I go in for homework club, and they always provide me with the help I need. The tutors there are very knowledgeable and helpful, and they are very insightful on a wide variety of subject matters. Plus they are really cool people!
                            -Shayan Z (Homework Club)

I signed my daughter up for 1:1 tutoring from Tam for the June ACT test.  We had previously used another local tutoring company, and with those tutors, she scored in the high 20's.  I felt that with a little more work she could improve at least a couple of more points.  So, I called around to a lot of different companies and tutors inquiring about their approach, materials and cost.  

During my phone conversation with Tam, I expressed my concern that my daughter had already completed (with her prior tutors) all the practice tests from the book that he was recommending.  Tam said he would then recommend using a different book with my daughter. He said he liked this other book because it contained more difficult questions than the actual test.  (I happened to have borrowed this other book from the library and had given it to my daughter to do some sections out of it on her own.  She had just told me earlier that week that she thought the questions in it were a lot harder than the actual test too.  So, I thought it was a good sign that that these two had independently come to the same conclusion.)

Tam offered a complimentary 30 minute session so I figured we may as well go meet him (his center is only 5 minutes away from home) and my daughter could see if she felt comfortable with him and his approach to the test. He looked over her score report from her first test and then he had her do some problems and gave her some test taking tips. I really liked those tips. They were unlike the tips the other tutors had given her previously. So, I signed her up for 10 sessions (to be taken over a period of about 3 months).  

She met with Tam about once a week for 1-1/2 hours at a time.  In between sessions, she completed the "homework" he gave her and she took 2 practice tests at his center on two Saturday mornings.

She ended up scoring a 32 which was honestly better than I had hoped for! (And if you are familiar with the ACT, you know that the higher the initial score is, the harder it is to improve, e.g., it's easier to raise a 20 to a 24 than it is to raise a 28 to a 32.)  She improved her Science score by 11 points!!  

I highly recommend Tam and Ace It!!
                              - Theresa L. (ACT)

After tears and moments frustration related to math homework I found that it was essential to find help for my daughter Stephanie. Finding the right help has been of great value! Not only have her grades significantly improve in the subject, but watching her walk out of her tutoring classes with a confident smile makes it all worth it! If any of your children need help, I highly recommend him, for us it has been rewarding and all worth it!

(Update!) Thank you Ace It and Tam! We got my daughter's report card, first "A" in math! Could not have done it without your help! Truly appreciated!
                             - Laura (Math Tutoring)

[Tam,} A ton of thanks for being SO much MORE than just a "tutor." There is no value I can place on the support/counseling/friendship you have given to Skyler this past year. You have a wondering gift - as a teacher who balances it all - to the benefit of his students/clients. I wish you MUCH success and happiness in the years ahead.
                             -Stacey (SAT)

Our son was really struggling with his 8th grade math and after one session he was able to clear up two concepts that he was not getting in his class at school.
                             -Trevor (Math Tutoring)

I'm working on prerequisites for dental school and needed to brush up on my Chem, Bio and Math. I tried a couple other places but they just either charged exorbitant prices or didn't give me enough attention. I was referred to Ace It from a friend at UCLA and I owe that friend big time now. Ace It provided me affordable prices and personal attention.  The tutors were always prepared and knew their material. They were also great at helping me identify my weaknesses. With Ace It's help, I was able to completely crush the DAT's. I can't even begin to recommend this place to everyone I know. I even got personal text messages the days before my tests. I feel like I received a tutoring experience customized to my needs. I discovered in college that places like Princeton and Kaplan are not as selective with their tutors as they appear to be.  There was an acquaintance that I knew that got hired to teach SAT in New Jersey for PR and let's just say he was not the brightest kid on the block. So don't overpay for places like PR or Kaplan, give Ace It a shot and you won't regret it!
                             -Ben (DAT)

My daughter was asking me to find her an SAT tutor, and we kept getting disappointed one after another with little improvement. The tutors were always too technical or too unfriendly. One of her friends then mentioned to try out their SAT tutor Tam. EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT TAM AND ACE IT. In the assessment Tam was able to understand her goals and tell her exactly how many sessions would be needed to reach the goals. My daughter loved the test strategies and enjoyed the lessons thoroughly. I would recommend this place to anyone!!!! 
                              -Mat (SAT)

Just wanted to tell you, you did a great job with Carson. He ended up getting an 1940 on his SAT. He's happy as can be. I'd be glad to recommend you to other people.
                              -Joe (SAT, Original Score: 1290)

So tam... I got into the school of my dreams. Just wanted to thank you for everything because you truly were the reason I got into BYU.
                              -Chana (SAT & ACT)

Great job on helping Ian score the 800 on [the] SAT II [Math Level 2].
                              -Jamie (SAT II Math, Original Score:640)

Tam, Thank you so so much for everything. I don't know how I managed to get an 1800 on the SAT and I know I couldn't have done it without your help. All the help and effort you have put in my [college] essay was so nice of you and I am so appreciative of that!
                              -Shir (SAT, Original Score: 1350)

Tam and Ace It Tutoring provided a wonderful and professional approach to what we thought would be a daunting process. They know how to talk to kids and reach them in a way that is accessible and makes sense. Very knowledgeable and effective. I highly recommend Ace It Tutoring!  We had a great experience!

                              -Michelle (ISEE)

Just to let you know that Chris just received his SAT II scores. He scored 700 in Math which is amazing. He went from 580 last time to 700. Many thanks to you!!! We are very happy and pleased and we will be recommending you highly to other parents.
                              -Kelly (SAT)

Charlton pulled it off. It's a 30! (English 33, Math 29, Reading 30, Science 27). Thank you so much. I will spread the word around to other parents who will be needing your services next year. We are so very happy for Charlton. 
                              -Kelly (ACT, Original Composite: 25)

Great service and very helpful! They really helped me out when I was preparing for the SATs. They provided advice and tutoring that allowed me to do my best. I would definitely go back and seek help from them again for my SAT II tests and AP tests.                           
                              -Andrea (SAT)

Comprehensive, effective, and personal. Highly recommended. 
                              -Michael (Homework Club)

The best tutoring I've had!
                              -Jennifer (Homework Club)

Bootcamp was LONG!!! but I can't complain because it was actually helpful.
                              -Sharon (SAT Bootcamp)

The ACT class I attended helped me raise my ACT score from 25 to 30!
                              -Ralph (ACT)

My son earned his first A in math through the help of his caring and patient tutor.
                              -Sara (Private tutoring)

Andrew was an excellent role model for Jacob.
                              -Susan (Private tutoring)

Brittany was very caring and knowledgeable.
                              -Adam (SAT)

I was mildly concerned last year after noticing that my twin son and daughter were never spending time on their studies.(They had had average to below average grades in the past). I sent them 'Ace It' and was only astounded even over the conversations my kids would have when I would be driving them back home. After multiple lessons I almost got the sense that a couple of tutors had become nothing short of role models for my kids. Bottom line-My kids started getting much better grades in school, they did better than they thought they ever could on their tests and I as a father became more involved with my children's school work than I have before. I have already recommended their programs to many family members and I would recommend professional tutoring to any parent. 
                             -Nima (Private tutoring)

Cheap and effective.
                             -Michael (SAT)

Thanks for helping me get ACT scored i needed for my athletic scholarship.
                             -Chase (ACT)

After my tutor moved away, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to build the same relationship with my next tutor where I could communicate with them not just about academics but life in general. After the first few formal tutoring sessions with Tam, the ice was broken over a conversation about a tv show that was on and from then on, he became like a mentor to me where I could ask him questions about anything. Long story short, Tam is an amazing tutor that not only cares about the student's learning, but also the student's overall well-being.
                             -Natalie (Private tutoring)

My math tutor was great, but I can't really say the same for the verbal tutor. Overall they did the job in teaching the material, but it could have been more interesting.
                             -Katrina (SAT)

The techniques WORK!
                             -Macy (SAT)

As a parent, I truly appreciated the tutor for taking the extra time to keep me updated with where my son's progress is currently at.
                             -Michelle (Private tutoring)



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